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enRICH communicates so FAST that we’ve already sent a personalized text message, a video email and are teeing-up a phone call.
All Before You Noticed You Have A New Lead!

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Cutting edge Productivity Hacks are just the beginning...

Build real engagement and trust that results in sales.

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78% of SALES from online leads go to the First Company
that responds.

Discover the secret way to quickly build confidence and rapport with your prospect making YOU the obvious choice.

enRICH started out as a pet project to help us get the most out of the leads we were purchasing.

The truth is, I really sucked at converting internet leads. Face to face I'm awesome but there is something about that faceless, emotionless and skittish internet lead that was impossible to engage. I was treating them more like a lead and less like people, and this was just the first of my many mistakes. I was inadvertently perpetrating the problem.

So I began to really study the leads our company was buying, the bell ringing successes and the embarrassing failures. We hacked what was most effective and most detrimental in engaging and converting leads. Through much trial and error (and a few all-nighters) we identified a process that so significantly impacted our lead conversions that we implemented it company wide and for all our clients.

Now we knew exactly what to do, what works, but the problem was, we didn’t do it... Consistently, when these "right actions" were to me as a sales person, I was consistently inconsistent. Sound Familiar?

Don’t make me repeat it, it was hard enough to admit the first time. Consistency was the killer. Knowing what to do and doing it are two different things. I know that I need to the gym… enough said.

So we built a system to pull all the pieces of the puzzle together. An automation that does a better job at engaging with our prospects than we could do ourselves. And achieved level of consistency that only comes from a machine. We call it enRICH.

  • Speed to Respond

    Prospects expect an immediate response. A short delay in responding can determine your success or failure.

  • Multiple Channels

    Immediate communications must include a phone call, email and text message… Even some less obvious avenues…

  • Going Social

    Pull back the curtain and let your prospects see you as an authentic person, not a faceless telemarketer.

Your odds of connecting with a new lead Decreases 2100% if you delay 5 to 30 minutes!

Just imagine how many more sales you could close when your leads receive an irresistible customer experience, quickly making you the obvious choice.

Build real engagement and real trust that results not just into a closed transaction... But also an advocate that will predictably refer you to those they know and care about.

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Your Leads have Unlimited Potential With Our Enhanced Engagement

Comprehensive communications with relationship building in mind... The key to career & wealth building.

Right from the start enRICH goes to work communicating a message about you that prospects just can't resist. Weaving a tale of consistency and dependability you stand out from the crowd like never before.

Buyers expect to experience Neiman Marcus precision and Ritz Carlton excellence. They need to be valued. They long to be wowed! enRICH sets you apart and delivers an irresistible customer experience. You quickly become the one and only choice.

What are the elements of a successful campaign?

Glad you asked.

Immediate Engagement

  • Text Message

    Immediately connect with your prospect by sending a personalized text message including a casual photo of yourself.

    90% of the population is never 3 feet away from a phone…

  • "Tee-up" Phone Call

    enRICH calls you and plays a short recording including the leads name and any important details. Simply press 1 to connect with your lead.

    Forced accountability to call

    No chance of “missing” your window of opportunity

  • Video Email Campaign

    Every lead is automatically added to your contact list and sent the first email of your series. We highly recommend VIDEO emails.

Engagement Day 2

  • LinkedIn

    We invite your prospect to view your LinkedIn profile and connect with you on LinkedIn.

    Don’t underestimate this step!

  • Magic Voicemail

    These voicemail’s are MAGIC because they just show up in your prospects voicemail without ever ringing their phone. The next day.

  • Facebook Page

    We invite your prospect to view and like your Facebook Business page. This is a great way to engage your prospects socially and it give them an opportunity to check you out.

    222 Million people on Facebook. You know you are… Is you business?

Engagement Day 3-10

Your lead will continue to receive one email each day.

10 outreaches in 10 days

video placeholder

"Tee-Up" Phone Call Takes Split-Second Response to a whole new level

The tee-up call typically comes before you even know you have a new lead!

Our research shows that many "first calls" start with a bit of tension. We broke the code to avoid it. Watch the video to learn how to apply this simple trick.


Here's a snapshot of the entire user engagement experience

Roll out the red carpet for all leads with no extra work!

Today's buyers are more cautious and skeptical then ever before. It really takes a heroic effort to convince a prospect that you are the right choice. Lucky for you enRICH does it all automatically.

Many of your competitors are on their "A" game and perhaps they are more entrenched than you. "Redefine A" so that their "A" is not "B" to your superior systems.

these back-end processes make your business stronger

The real magic happens behind the scenes.

Watch as your new leads come alive in your business.


Cutting edge productivity hacks are just the beginning...

Build real engagement and trust that results in sales.

FREE Test Driveexperience the power of enRICH for yourself

Back-end automation saves you time and improves your business processes

Sell and Deliver your Content in High Quality Secure Membership Portals

There has always been a disconnect between the new lead email and the rest of your system. Sometimes it's the manual process handwriting follow-up forms and sometimes it's finding time to manually entering data into your follow-up system. The truth is, if the lead didn't show immediately promise we probable just threw the baby out with the bath water.

And sometimes they just slip away because you missed the window of opportunity.

We have all had holes in our bucket leaking out leads as fast as they came in but enRICH is here to plug up those holes and never let another valuable lead one slip away.

The back-end processed are here to make your life easier and business more enjoyably.

Imagine having those new lead details everywhere you need them automatically. Think beyond your current process to embrace the possibilities. You have a new opportunity to share information across your sales team or entire office so everybody is on the same page and fully engaged.

Does you office have unique integration requirements? Custom programming starts at just $10 per month for design and maintain of a custom integration.

A real show stopper is mailing your new lead a jumbo post card. Weather it's a personal welcome card, details about your product / service, or coupons for future services you just cant beat the impact for a mere 82 cents each - printed and mailed (and as low as 66 cents!).

Take a look at our standard integrations:

  • Combine Multiple Lead Sources

    We make combining lead sources a snap. No matter how you receive your leads, we can integrate them into enRICH.

  • Text and Email Notifications

    Easily route new lead notifications to whoever needs them by text message, email or both.

  • Google Contacts Intergration

    Automatically adding new leads to your Google Contacts is like magic. Know them when they call, even it it’s just a minute after receiving your new lead!

  • Productivity Sharing

    Sharing lead information with your team has never been easier. Receive immediate updates to SLACK, Evernote, BaseCamp or whatever popular productivity program you use.

  • CRM Integration

    Get your lead information where it needs to go. We can automatically add your contact to most CRM’s or we can build a custom bridge for older CRM’s that don’t play well with modern technology.

  • PDF Forms With Merged Data

    Do you have a paper process in your office? We do and there’s nothing better than our follow-up form all filled out with our new leads information. This save us hours of work every week.

  • Call Recordings Detailed Call Reports

    All calls to and from your personal enRICH phone number are recorded and emailed to you. This is great for training your team as well as verifying a detail you might have missed during the call.

  • Google Docs Spreadsheet

    We make you lead data very accessible to you. Export your data as an Excel file, CSV File or PDF from your private members area or from a private google spreadsheet.

  • SMS Blast, Voice Blast and Auto Dialer

    Optionally take advantage of Feed Lead’s awesome marketing platform to send bulk SMS or bulk voice messages to your prospects. Use the auto dialer for follow-up calls or keep inc contact with past clients.

  • Follow-up Call Reminders

    Receive a daily report with those leads who you should follow-up with. First 10 day follow-up schedule plus monthly follow-up’s for all your leads.

  • Coming Soon

    New features coming soon.

  • Coming Soon

    New features coming soon.

See What Our Customers Are Saying About enRICH

Real feedback from our customers

I used to hate internet leads. The problem was me and not the leads, I just did not know how to convert them (and i'm good at converting lookers into buyers). Tom truly is a marketing genius, this system churns out more buyers than I can handle. Thank you Tom and I highly recommend your program.

John Stewart, Florida

All I can say is WOW, what an amazing program. Even on my best day I would be hard pressed to do as thorough a job engaging new leads as Enrich does automatically - and for every single lead. I highly recommend this awesome product, you just can't argue with results. Paula Jackson, New Jersey

Cutting edge productivity hacks are just the beginning...

Build real engagement and trust that results in sales.

FREE Test Driveexperience the power of enRICH for yourself


Still Have Questions about enRICH?

Check out these frequently asked questions...

Do You Sell Leads?

No, we do not sell any leads. The enRICH system supercharges the leads you are already purchasing.

How Long Does It Take To Setup?

Setup time is typically 24-48 hours. We add one extra week to your first month’s’ subscription absolutely free to more than cover your ramp up time.

Do you have an affiliate program?

Yes we do and we will enroll you automatically when you take a test drive or make a purchase. Earn credits by referring your business associates, just a few referrals can pay for your entire enRICH lead automation program.

Do I Need A Subscription?

Yes, Subscriptions start at $17 per month for basic lead processing. Choose a subscription level which provides the lead processing necessary for your business.

How much does it cost to enRICH each lead?

Each lead costs 3 credits to process no matter which subscription level you choose. You can earn free credits by referring users to enRICH, by doing social media and by commenting on our blog. You will also earn credits by taking enRICH for a test drive.

Can I get a refund?

We do not lock you into a contract, you can cancel at any time. Additionally, we offer a 30 day money back guarantee. If you are not absolutely thrilled with our system we will happily refund 100% of your subscription and any unused credits.

Cutting edge productivity hacks are just the beginning...

Build real engagement and trust that results in sales.

FREE Test Driveexperience the power of enRICH for yourself