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  • q-iconDo you sell leads?

    No, we do not sell leads.

    Symphony Conversion is an automation tool which will maximize conversions on the leads you already receive.

  • q-iconIs there a contract?

    We do not lock you in with a contract, you can cancel at any time.

    But why would you ever cancel?

  • q-iconDo I need an account

    Yes, register at or by calling Chris Brown (321) 696-9696

  • q-iconWhere do I get the mobile app?

    Download our mobile app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store – search for enRICH Automation

  • q-iconWhat is 'Pending Transcription'?

    New contact will be identified as “Pending transcription” until the transcription has been completed.

  • q-iconI'm a Freeloader, how can I get more free scans?

    There are a few ways to earn free scans.

    Share enRICH using your personal affiliate link (it’s in your welcome email and on your dashboard). Whenever someone buys enRICH, you get free scans.

    You can also share enRICH on social media or comment on our blog posts to earn free scans. It’s fun and you can be a freeloader for ever.

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