TOM MACK is the CEO of enRICH Automation, and the creator of enRICH Engagement Technology, and the “Hot Prospect Formula,” he is the recipient of the prestigious “Entrepreneurial Innovator Award” at Harvard, and is the #1 International Bestselling Author of "How To Convert Trade Show Leads Into Cash And Customers" and “Not In My House.”

TOM MACK had a computer terminal in his home and was learning Cobol programming from his father years before Microsoft or Apple had their first portable computer. It was 1976, and he was 12.

enRICH Automation is designed to assist companies as they prospect for new customers by automating initial engagement, data enrichment and efficiently handling the back office tasks associated with receiving a new lead.

enRICH Automation utilizes a mobile app and business card collecting robot that automatically scans information and deploys marketing to new leads so they are never wasted or lost.



Get your copy of the #1 International best seller How To Convert Trade Show Leads Into Cash And Customers by Tom Mack

Get your copy of the #1 International best seller NOT IN MY HOUSE by Tom Mack

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